Speaking of having a break…

Just got home from meeting with some friends for a Girls’ Night.  These were some of “mommy friends” and it was great to be able to sit and chat without attending to 2 year olds!  I have been able to get out in the evening by myself before for the now defunct knitting group or for LLL (which only kind of counts because there are babies there, even if my toddler stays at home) but this was the first time I’ve made it out with friends for…a long time.

It was also nice to sit down for awhile!  I’ve been busy all day.  I work from home for a few hours on Fridays, plus I’ve been making Friday laundry day since I’m trying to reclaim that particular chore.  M, who is very capable with laundry, kind of took over during my first pregnancy since going up and down the stairs in our apartment with laundry baskets wasn’t so easy.  Our house has laundry shoots (which are totally awesome and as silly as it sounds one of the pluses of the house to me) so I never have to carry baskets of clothes down to the basement now.  I can handle carrying baskets up the stairs, but down makes me nervous.  Plus the stairs in our house all have landings  2/3 the way up, so it isn’t one long steep set of stairs.    Anyway, all this to say that M has kind of been the main launderer in our home and while he is still doing some of the laundry I’m working it into my routine now.

We put up a new clothesline this spring and I was able to use it again today.  It is one of the inexplicable joys, but I love hanging things out to dry on the clothesline!  There is something about the sunshine and the warm breeze and the smell of clean laundry that just makes me happy.

Oh and for the record, E did not have a nap today and was asleep by 8 p.m.  Much Better.  I hate to deny him a nap that he needs, but at the same time, if he isn’t getting the nighttime sleep he needs is a nap really that beneficial?


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