Things are coming together

M and I headed to Pittsburgh today for an IKEA trip.  We got a dresser for the nursery.  It will obviously need assembled, but that was the last big thing on the list.  Once it is together I can start putting stuff up on the walls.  I might also start washing and sorting the baby clothes and getting the closet cleared out/organized.

I had plenty of knitting time in the car, I’m almost done with the first sleeve of E’s sweater.  After my third swatch I settled on size 7 needles.  I actually like the feel of the yarn swatched on size 6 the best, but the gauge was still a little tight.  I decided to do E’s sweater first.  I’m knitting the size 4, so it might fit this fall, it might fit next fall, it might even fit both years.  You never know.  There isn’t a huge difference in the size of shirts between 2T and 3T and 3T and 4T I’ve found.  Some difference for sure, but it is really the length of the pants where I see the crucial difference in size.  At this point E still fits in most of his 2T stuff, but 3T is what I’m buying now because it is fitting better, or with at least a little more room to grow.  The baby sweater will definitely not fit this fall, so I’ll give myself a little more time to get that one done.  At least I hope my 3 month old won’t be wearing 12-month sizes yet!




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