What a mess of weeds

I feel guilty.  I can’t help it.  After the weather we had this weekend my Facebook feed was full of things like “I worked all day and got my flowers panted and my beds mulched” and “I’m totally exhausted after working in the yard all day!”

I watered some of my potted and hanging plants.  That was it.  We used Saturday to make our trip to IKEA and watch the Kentucky Derby and then yesterday I don’t even remember what exactly we did, but it wasn’t yard work.

I haven’t even made it to a greenhouse yet.

At least the lawn got mowed on Friday.  That was not something I did, that was something M did.  Come to think of it, he did trim up some of the bushes in the back too.

Now really I think I have a valid excuse for being a little lax in the weeding/planting/sprucing things up.  It isn’t exactly easy to do when you are 8 months pregnant.  That and the ground hasn’t been really all that great for weeding yet.  It has been kind of dry.  This week should get us the rain we need to soften everything.  Of course with Mother’s Day this weekend we have plans and I still won’t really get to work outside, but it will happen eventually.

So tonight after our walk while E was running around the backyard and M was playing with him I got my raised bed vegetable garden weeded again.  I had worked on it when we had our warm spell in March, but it was neglected far too long.  I even pulled out my kale which had grown to about 4 ft and was flowering.

Speaking of rain, I can tell a storm is on its way.  The radar just confirmed that so I better get the windows closed because it looks like we are going to have another downpour.

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