I think I’m nesting.  I’ve been going non-stop today with cleaning (more organizing/purging than actual cleaning) and laundry.  Today isn’t even my normal laundry day.

We also ran a lot of errands.  E was pretty good until the last store, than he got antsy.  I was hoping that we could make it to the greenhouse too, but that didn’t happen.  After the last store I gave him the option of the greenhouse or home and he was ready to go home.  I thought it looked like it was going to rain again anyway and a lot of what I would have wanted to look at is actually outside.

I’m glad to finally focus some of this energy at home.  Last week it all got focused at work.  I’m only working until the end of the month so I’m trying to make sure everything is in order for whoever is hired and for my boss until he hires someone.  I think he still holding out hope that he will be able to hire someone before I leave.  I have my doubts about that happening.  My position just posted yesterday and I have about two weeks left now.

The funny thing about the work “nesting” is that I remember doing it last time too.  There was no one doing my job for the 6 weeks I was on maternity leave, so I spent a lot of time getting things cleared out and organized.

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