Organization and Technology

One of the things I struggle with is the desire to be super organized but being overwhelmed by all the organization options that are out there.  Especially now with websites, computer programs, and phone/tablet apps there are just so many options to choose from.  Trying to figure out what works best is a task!

There are times good old pen and paper works best.  My grocery list will probably always be kept on a magnetic paper shopping list on the fridge.  It is easy to write things down there as I use them up in the kitchen and then I can just grab the list and go, or my husband can.  If I tried to keep a list somewhere electronic first of all I don’t think half the things that need to be put on the list would make it there and second of all it wouldn’t be accessible for everyone in the house to see and add to.

My own lists of random things I often keep on my computer.  They are only for me and I can easily add and delete things off of them.

The calender one is something I can’t quite figure out.  For the last two years I’ve bought this handy calender that is a traditional month calender that hangs on the fridge- but at the bottom there is a pad of weekly planners that can be completed each week and there are like 4 or 5 rows for different family members and the columns are the days of the week so you can get a little more in depth on variations in the daily schedule without cluttering up the whole month.  I really like this and it works pretty well for me being able to see how M’s schedule will effect when he is home.  For instance if he has 8 a.m. court, if he has noon court of not (and therefore might be home for lunch), when he has a late appointment at his private office 30 minutes away…

I feel like we could do better for him though.  He is always trying to balance his P.D. schedule with his private schedule with our own family schedule.  If there is something I need him to be his schedule allows enough flexible time that we can make an appointment happen during the business day, but I hate to be the one to schedule it, because I never know what is on his book and what can be moved and what can’t.  His schedule changes often enough and there are enough different client meetings and court appearances that it isn’t as simple as saying he is working from 8-11 a.m. Wednesday morning, you know?  This creates problems for the office secretaries too because he can add something with a private case and then court will schedule him something and then there is a conflict because the calender can’t be updated instantly.  This is where paper fails.  I think it would be great if he an electronic web-based calender, but I’m not sure what could be used at his office (that wouldn’t cost the office money, there is no budget for stuff like that) and could still be easily accessed by him or even by me if I needed to see when he was free.


  1. Google calendar. It is what we use. If you have a gmail account, you get the calendar for free. You can share the calendar with other people and they can edit it. So, I have my own personal calendar to-dos in say, purple, and then we have the family calendar things in green and then DH has his own calendar in blue. So if I plan something and put it on the family calendar, it automatically appears on DH’s calendar while he is looking at it at work. We have android smart phones, so my calendar also is always updated on my phone. It is super useful and free!

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