Garage Sale Season

Traditionally  this has been my best weekend of the year for garage sales.  This weekend was no exception.  There is a neighborhood in the next town over that always has their garage sales the third Saturday of May, so we made sure to hit those up today.  I did OK with some stuff- found some clothes for E and some books.

I really did good in town this weekend!  I found some baby clothes yesterday and even a really cute pair of baby dress shoes, but my best deal of the day was the $3 box of rubbermaid hangers (kid-sized).  I ended up counting and there were 82 hangers in there.  We have had a hanger shortage in E’s closet constantly and most of them in there are those cheap store hangers that snap easily.  Now I have plenty of hangers for both kids’ closets.

Today my deal of the day was the play mat/activity gym.  We have one from E, but I never really liked the design of it.  There were two hoops on it but they didn’t cross, they were parallel and the idea is that it can convert to a tunnel later on for the baby to crawl through.  Well E wasn’t a crawler so he never had any interest in it.  Plus once you laid him there the stuff was right in front of him but it was only one or two things and there was no motivation to try and roll another direction.  Anyway, I liked the one a friend of mine had a lot better because the hoops crossed and there were extra loops to add toys and switch them around and E had liked playing under that a lot better.  The thing was though, I didn’t want to pay $60 for one of them- not really worth it in my opinion, especially when I already had one, even if it wasn’t one I loved.  Today I found one that is exactly what I wanted and it was clean(!) and it was $15.  Maybe not the deal of the century, but certainly a much more decent price for what I wanted.

Most of my luck (including the activity gym) was this morning in town.  I hit up a couple of sales that were Saturday only, so they weren’t picked over already when I got there.  I was in luck too because BOTH of the sales this morning I hit first were heavy on the boy clothes and even better- the moms said they had boys in July too!  It can be hard enough to find the boy stuff as it is and in the sizes I’m looking for on top of that so finding seasonally appropriate clothing in the right sizes was great!

Plus, these garage sales were clean, well labeled, and they were advertised accurately in the classified this weekend!



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