Under the weather

It has been a tough week.  Not in a really serious hard-stuff-in-life way thank goodness, but in one of those “is this week over yet?” sort of ways.

E is always a little clingy when we get back from a weekend with M’s family.  It seems he was extra clingy earlier this week because he was getting sick.  It started Wednesday and is just a cold that even appears to pretty light at this point.  The worst part is that his face gets so raw under his nose because he constantly is wanting to wipe his nose (and it is not done gently!) even when he is congested rather than having a runny nose.

Unfortunately, I definitely have something now too.  It is more sinus congestion for me right now.  My head hurt so badly I could barely sleep last night.

I’m not happy about this (obviously) but even less so because there is a ton of stuff I wanted to do this weekend.  I’m still doing the garage sales this morning, but I don’t know that I’m going to be able to get the yard stuff done I want to.

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