The start of summer

Even though I still have next week to work, it feels like summer has really begun.

If there was any doubt, it was erased last night when M and I saw the first lightening bugs of summer as we sat out on our upstairs porch.

This weekend is kind of packed but also kind of relaxed for us.  We don’t have any official obligations, so everything we do is dependent only on if we are feeling up to it.  Our town’s annual festival is this weekend.  We just got back from the parade and having our annual stromboli and large lemonade.  I would have liked to have walked down, but since it is over 85 degrees I decided I better not push myself too much.  It is only a mile to downtown, but in the heat and sun of mid-day it can be a little much, at least when I’m 33 weeks pregnant!

I also made one of my needed trips to the greenhouse.  I think that between seeds and plants I have everything I need now for my garden.  Everything except rain that is!  I need to weed my garden one more time before I plant the rest of the stuff that is going in (garlic, lettuce, radishes, and peas are already in).  Unfortunately the ground is so hard right now I can’t really get the roots up.  I feel really behind, but the one weekend that would have been good to work in the garden wasn’t a good weekend for us.  At least I’ll have some produce this year.  My peas are looking great!  I’m excited because I haven’t grown peas before and my mom and dad haven’t had peas in their garden since I was little.

Anyway, as much as I would like to get some things planted I’m not sure much of that is going to get done this weekend.

I would like to make it to the park this weekend too.  This particular park has rides and I’m excited to see what E is interested in riding this year.  Last year he liked the little airplanes and while he would ride in the train, Ferris wheel, and carousel (only in a chariot, not on a horse!) with us last year he didn’t get too excited about them.  He told me last week he wanted to ride on a horse this year, but we’ll see.  I think  he didn’t like it before because he didn’t feel stable enough.  I couldn’t convince him to hold on to the pole.  I figured out he likes things he can climb on, but he doesn’t like to be sat on something that is higher than he can climb up on himself.  I wonder if that has changed.

The other big Memorial Day weekend thing is the Great Lakes Fiber Show.  In some ways I prefer going on Saturday.  It is more exciting to be there the first day.  It is so hot at the fairgrounds though!  Since this is another 90 degree Memorial Day weekend there is incentive to go tomorrow instead!  Saturday morning is kind of crowded- nothing like Rhinebeck of MDSW I would imagine, but crowded enough that it isn’t comfortable to browse when it is that hot.  Unfortunately, waiting until Sunday means I miss the Cleveland group I met a few years back.  I think it is likely that with the festival and parade on Saturday I’ll end up being a Sunday attender most years now.

On Memorial Day itself we will watch the parade.  After that I don’t know what we’ll do.  M was thinking about an Ice Cream festival he read about, but who knows if that will happen or not.  It is at least an hour away.  I guess we’ll have to see what we’re up for.

In the meantime I had better get to work on some laundry or else I’m not going to have anything to wear!


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