Time to start

So yes, I disappeared for awhile in that month and half I had between the time that I quit working and I had a baby.  Now that the little guy is a couple weeks old I figure it is time to add the blog back into my routine.  Once again I’ve been composing many entries in my head, unfortunately they just haven’t been typed out.  So here we go.

Also speaking of time to start…

Today the Olympics starts and so does the Ravellenic games.  I’ve been hem-hawing about joining.  After all, finding the time to knit when my arms are full most of the time is a bit challenging.  On the other hand I’ve always thought that it is fun to participate.  I think I’m going to go ahead and try to knit a baby sweater.

I don’t know if it is “baby brain” or what, but I’m seriously confused about how to actually officially participate.  The teams and events and tagging is confusing me.  It probably isn’t that complicated, but it feels like it to me right now!

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